Parker Perio Hygiene Study Club: These Study Clubs were designed and implemented as interdisciplinary Study Clubs to provide high-quality programs to our referring office team members.

Dental Team Lunch & Learn Meetings: We believe a good relationship between our office and referring offices can benefit all parties involved, and ultimately provide your patients with the best care possible. Enjoy a catered lunch and an educational presentation on the range of treatments we provide, how the referral process works, and an opportunity meet the people your patients will be interacting with.

Periodontal Plastic Surgery Lunch & Learn
Parker Periodontics can help you to recognize the types of gingival recession and understand when tissue grafting is necessary. Dr. Parker will describe the different types of grafting that our office offers and will discuss surgical techniques while reviewing donor tissue vs. patient tissue options. Case studies will be presented.

Implant Lunch & Learn
Dental Implants are a popular and modern day solution for replacing teeth.  Parker Perio can partner with you to treatment plan patients from single tooth replacement to edentulous cases for implant supported prosthesis. Dr. Parker will present examples of actual case studies and walk your team through the same process your patients will go through with us until we ultimately return them to you for final restoration.

Pediatric Periodontics Lunch & Learn
Childhood is a short season and here at Parker Perio we feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to help so many pediatric patients on their road to their new smile.  From gum grafts and frenectomies, to exposure of impacted teeth and wisdom teeth extractions, let us present some cases to you over lunch as you get to meet our team.

Periodontal Maintenance Lunch & Learn
Parker Perio can provide you with a look into our one-hour periodontal maintenance appointment. You will have the opportunity to hear what our practice provides and have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the maintenance appointments, dental hygiene instruction and patient education on periodontal disease.