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Maintaining Dental Implants

As a periodontist, Dr. Matthew Parker is uniquely qualified to maintain the health of your dental implants.  Like natural teeth, dental implants can experience gum disease as well.  Dr. Parker has over twenty years experience placing, restoring, and maintaining all types of dental implants.  Specific protocols have been developed by Dr. Parker and his team that support you and your implant health long after the implants have been placed.  Whether it be a single implant or an All-On-Four restoration, we have tested protocols that protect your investment.  Many implant surgeons never see their patients again after the implant crown is placed.  Not at Parker Periodontics where our team stands behind our work and cares about the long-term look, feel, and chewing function of our patients’ dental implants. Experience matters and with experience we have learned how to maintain implants for the long haul.  Call today to experience the Parker Periodontics difference!