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Whether you are a long-time patient or new to our office, we would love to hear from you! If you’ve had an experience at Parker Periodontics and Implant Dentistry that you would like to share with us, please feel free to reach out to us so we can help tell your dental story to others.

    “I have had a bone growth on the exterior of my lower jaw since I was a child. I also had several tori under my tongue (all issues seem to be genetic.) The bone growth started to feel like I had a jaw breaker in my mouth, and I could even see it protruding at times. My dentist recommended me to see Dr. Matthew Parker when I began having bleeding and had difficulty brushing the area.  He said Dr. Parker was the best in this field, and I never even looked for a second opinion after my consultation.  The staff was exceptionally caring and kind, and they reassured me, through my anxiety, that I was in great hands with Dr. Parker. We scheduled the removal of “exostosis” on the right side, with IV sedation, 3 months away.  With the onset of Covid-19 just a few weeks after my consultation, Dr. Parker began sending out announcements about their safety protocols, with the options of having a question and answer session during the shutdown. I immediately knew I had scheduled with the right doctor. Incredibly, my surgery was only moved by 1 day, and the office had just installed a bi-polar ionization air purification system for added patient safety.  My after surgery care instructions were emailed to me prior to my surgery, and the staff was so helpful to answer my questions.  After the exostosis and tori removal, the recovery resembled the same as my wisdom teeth extraction, but not as painful. I had tears of joy in my eyes, as I rubbed my hand down my cheek and that protruding bone was gone, along with the tori under my tongue.  As awful as it sounds, it really wasn’t that bad, and I wish I would’ve seen Dr. Parker 10 years prior for this procedure. He did an amazing job with my surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Parker and his staff for any periodontics that you might need.”

    S. Elam of Anderson Township

    “My experience at Parker Periodontics surpassed my expectations from beginning to end. The evaluation process was the most thorough appointment that I have ever had at a dental office. I was well informed and felt genuinely cared for throughout my entire process. Dr. Parker removed my wisdom teeth and placed an implant on the same day. I had no post-operative discomfort at all. I was pleasantly surprised that Tricia called and checked on me the following day as well. Dr. Parker is a wonderful specialist and the whole staff was friendly and helpful as well. I never felt like a number and the care I was given was superb. Five stars!”

    R. Huck of Anderson Township

    “I am anxious about needles and any medical procedure. My dental extraction and implant experiences with Dr. Parker turned out much better than I anticipated!  Dr. Parker’s skill, gentle informative approach, and calming demeanor (with some humor) enabled me to successfully complete the extraction and implant phases.  If misfortune occurs, I would call Dr. Parker again.”

    Susan of Cincinnati, Ohio

    “For 50 years I had tried to save my front teeth after a traumatic childhood injury. Unfortunately for the last 15 years I ignored an infection that ate away the bone surrounding those teeth. I was too stubborn to face the fact that I needed my teeth extracted and bone replacement. But over the last year Dr. Parker and his extremely professional team have healed my mouth, step-by-step, tooth extraction, bone grafting, then once my bone growth was ready I had dental implants and I am on my way to a new healthy smile. At 58, I have a new appreciation for dental hygiene and how important it is to your overall health. One year ago I was so depressed about losing my front teeth, but with the help of Dr. Parker and his team, I can smile again with confidence. I highly recommend Dr. Parker to anyone who is anxious or procrastinating this type of procedure. They were always available when I had questions throughout the healing process and were very responsive and caring and calmed my fears and concerns.”

    S.H. of Cincinnati, Ohio

    “From my first to my final office visit with Dr. Matthew Parker, my impression never wavered: I was in the care of the very best. Following the surgery to replace my broken right front tooth with an implant, I suffered no pain and needed no pain killers. And the results of his work, as assessed by the most critical of judges, my wife, are simply stunning”

    K. Nash of Kenwood

    “Dr. Parker put in an implant for a tooth I broke in half and required pulling. I was really nervous about what this might do to my smile. I’m incredibly impressed with how real my temporary tooth looks while I wait for the bone to grow, and how little pain I was in after. None of my friends can even tell I have a temporary tooth or implant right now. He and his kind staff made the entire experience as pleasant as something like this can be. The whole process was really quite easy thanks to Dr. Parker and his team.”

    M. Rice of Liberty Township

    “Throughout the entire process, Dr. Parker and his staff were very thorough, extremely professional, and very pleasant to work with. Dr. Parker demonstrated excellent listening skills, the ability to explain complicated dental procedures and issues in an understandable way, and to make me, the patient, feel relaxed and confident that the care I was receiving was the best available. Should I ever need another implant, Dr. Parker would clearly be my first choice”

    H. M. Huber of East Walnut Hills

    “I wanted to thank Dr. Parker and his staff for making my recent experience so good. From the initial consultation in discussing all my options for a tooth extraction to the actual procedure, I experienced nothing but courtesy, friendliness, and professionalism.  The actual extraction process was so smooth.  And I never did experience any pain or discomfort afterward. No pain at all. I wish all of the staff could go out & give lessons to other professionals I have encountered as to how a consultation & procedure should be handled. Thank you all again for being so good at your jobs. Well done!”

    B. Fahrenbruck of Cincinnati, Ohio

    “Dr. Parker never seemed rushed.  We spent a relaxed time discussing alternatives for handling my dental situation.  With no pressure from him, it was easy to decide on implants.  The staff was always welcoming and polite on every visit and made me feel very comfortable.  There was never any pain or discomfort and his professionalism was always on exhibit.  My implants and their attached teeth are looking and feeling great.  Although a significant expense, it is probably the best dental investment one can make.  Well done.”

    J. Sherwin of Anderson Township

    “I just want to say everyone at Parker Periodontics are the best people I know. I have been going to them for 4 or 5 years now and they are the most courteous, professional and wonderful people to deal with. They really care about their patients. They have always made me feel comfortable and at ease when I go there. If you need any implants and are afraid of going to a dentist, these people are the best. Thanks to all of you for the care and professionalism you have shown.”

    P. Oeffler of Cincinnati, Ohio

    “Dr. Parker did an exceptional job on my surgery. Not only that, but he’s an incredibly professional and polite man. I felt informed and prepared for the procedure, as well as post-op. Thank you, Dr. Parker. I absolutely recommend that you come to him!”

    L. Hawes of Milford, Ohio

    “I just wanted to thank the entire team from Parker Periodontics for their service during my recent surgery.  Everyone was so courteous and professional, it made a potentially scary surgery almost enjoyable!”

    P. Mayes of Bethel, Ohio

    “They are very friendly, and also very well organized. Dr. Parker did a wonderful job on my receding gums! I highly recommend this team of professionals!”

    V. Harper of Cincinnati, Ohio

    “I highly recommend Parker Periodontics to anyone needing oral surgery. The staff, beginning with the front desk receptionist were so very friendly that my anxiety was all but gone when I met Dr. Vieth. He was also very kind and explained in detail how he was going to restore bone that had deteriorated. The surgery went well, lots of TLC. My at-home aftercare instructions were comprehensive and clear as was my follow up visit instruction. Thank you Dr. Vieth and staff for excellent care and service.”

    C. Drefahl of Cincinnati, Ohio

    “I was very apprehensive about having this dental procedure but Dr. Parker and his staff made me so very comfortable. Everything went so well, from the pre surgical prep to the follow up; it all went just as they said it would. They were careful and attentive to my questions and concerns and I’d return to this office in a heartbeat. My procedure and recovery have gone exceptionally well. Thanks to the entire staff for taking such good care of me!”

    B. Huntley of Dayton, Kentucky

    “The kindness, patience and professionalism of Dr. Parker and his staff has meant so much to me this year.  Everyone in the practice has shown me compassion, caring, respect and honesty in every interaction I have had with each of them. They always somehow knew when to joke and laugh with me but also knew when to wait patiently while I was sad, scared, or upset.  I am always greeted by name and met with a smile at each appointment I have.  I cannot say enough how important each one of them is to patients like myself in making us feel welcomed and relaxed within a context that can be so frightening.  I truly can’t thank them enough!”

    B. Popich of Milford, Ohio

    “Dr. Parker is excellent.  I have had two extractions with him.  Each time, there was a minimum of blood and after effects.  No trip to a periodontist will be fun – but I have been to others, and Dr. Parker is the one I would choose to work on my mouth.  My first extraction was of one of my two upper front teeth; Dr. Parker was able to fit me with a temporary, which avoided the obvious social detriment of missing one of my front teeth.  Everyone was courteous.  The procedure was fast.  It is one of the most professional operations I have ever seen.”

    B. Strubbe of Cincinnati, Ohio