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The Value in Choosing an Implant Expert

Dental implant surgery is a very precise science and, in the right hands, an extremely predictable and satisfying long-term solution for tooth loss.  First of all, Dr. Matthew Parker and our team promise you will never go without a replacement for your teeth while your treatment is on-going.  Our goal is to give you a permanent solution that will withstand the tests of time. To accomplish this lofty goal, we address all of the aspects that are critical to lasting success.  Dr. Parker’s plans make sure that the gums and bone around the implant(s) are adequate and healthy.  Dr. Parker and our team make sure your bite is adjusted properly.  We make sure that your implant crowns look natural and beautiful.  And, we follow our patients for three years after your care is complete.  Dental implant surgery is too important to trust to just anyone.  Let the team that treats local dentists and their families provide you with that same standard of compassionate care.

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